Last week Coastal Carolina University suspended their entire cheerleading team amid allegations that several team members were involved in prostitution and escorting. 

Deadspin filed a public-records request and has published the results of the investigation which reveals multiple cheerleaders were involved with a website called, that allows young women to link with "sugar daddies."

Per Deadspin,

"It all started when five letters were sent into CCU’s president on March 8 alleging that cheerleaders had been working as escorts, stripping at strip clubs, recruiting younger cheerleaders to join them, shunning and harassing young cheerleaders who didn’t join them, and facilitating the “rampant use of alcohol.” CCU campus police investigator Michelyn Pylilo looked into the allegations and eventually ruled that “some of the allegations are true.”"

"A trove of text messages between cheerleaders, as well as several interviews, led Pylilo to conclude that a few cheerleaders had worked as escorts through SeekingArrangement, a legal website that seeks to connect women with “sugar daddies” for dates. The cheerleaders earned between $100 and $1,500 per date. Everyone involved credibly claims that they never had sex for money with any of their dates, and none of the evidence Pylilo gathered suggests that they did."

Pylilo interviewed six different members of the cheerleading squad, all of whom admitted to accepting money and gifts, including clothes and designer handbags, from men they met on, though they denied having sex with them.

One cheerleader also admitted to working at a nearby strip club, which certainly isn't a crime, and one of her teammates warned her to quit amid the prostitution investigation.

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