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Coachella Owner Is Still Donating Thousands To Republicans: Report

  Jan 03, 2018 16:40
Coachella's spending habits have been criticized once again.

Last year in January, Fader published a piece that detailed the spending habits of the parent company that owns the annual California based music festival, Coachella.

The CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group, Philip Anschutz, allegedly donated thousands of dollars to Republicans that were anti-LGBTQ, pro-life and other parties looking to protect the majority of Republicans over Democrats in any respective house of Congress.  

When his spending habits hit the headlines, Philip released a statement saying it's "nothing more than fake news," adding: "I unequivocally support the rights of all people without regard to sexual orientation. We are fortunate to employ a wealth of diverse individuals throughout our family of companies, all of whom are important to us – the only criteria on which they are judged is the quality of their job performance; we do not tolerate discrimination in any form."

Fader has since published another piece, alleging Philip has continued to shell out the cash to Republican organizations. The publication reports that $5,400 was given to Senator Cory Gardner, who is widely known as being pro-gun. Senator Scott Tipton, who opposes same-sex marriage and abortion, apparently received $2,700.

Philip's biggest contribution was $138,000 to the National Republican Senate Committee.

Coachella, nor Philip has yet to respond to the second strain of allegations. Do you guys think this news will stop certain people from going?

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top comment
Kenny West
- Jan 3, 2018

I'm a democrat as much as the next person, but let the man do w/e he wants with his money.

- Jan 3, 2018

Oh, well HEAVEN FORBID someone have a political leaning that is different than your own. I mean, top notch reporting here. Bravo.

- Jan 3, 2018

Gets libera kids to pay 600 dollars to come see their favorite liberal artist then gives the money to trump lawl

MGKs Hairplugs
- Jan 3, 2018

How sad are you guys at HNHH?! To even try and connect a political stance with a festival "as if" your site which barely garnishes influential traffic would ever be able to effect their crowd's outcome lol!

- Jan 3, 2018

People pay hundreds even thousands to sit in 100 degree weather watching a performance from a mile away

- Jan 3, 2018

The vibes are dope though, not to mention plenty of hoes out there.

Kenny West
- Jan 3, 2018

I'm a democrat as much as the next person, but let the man do w/e he wants with his money.

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