Kevin "Coach K" Lee is one of the most beloved men behind the scenes in the hip-hop world. Alongside his business partner "P," Coach K has turned Quality Control into one of the most prominent and important labels in all of hip-hop. Numerous incredible artists have been put on because of him and he has also turned a lot of young men into millionaires with solid business acumen backing them up for years to come.

Having said this, it should be no surprise that Coach K was a prime candidate for an honorary doctorate degree from Saint. Augustine's University. Yesterday, Coach K was able to get his Bachelors Of Science Degree in Organizational Management while also picking up the Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters which is awarded to those who have shown immense dedication to professional development and/or humanitarianism.

Coach K

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Billboard

"Dr. Kevin “Coach K” Lee has entered the building. I’m beyond Honored & Grateful that today I got to walk across the stage to get my Bachelors Of Science Degree in Organizational Management & earn a Doctorate Degree Of Humane Letters," he wrote on Instagram. Lawyer Benjamin Crump received a similar honor thanks to his involvement in the George Floyd case.

Needless to say, this was a massive day for the Quality Control CEO and we congratulate him on his new title and honorary degree.