Coach K isn't happy with how the Duke Blue Devils have fared in his absence since his back surgery, so this week he reportedly called a meeting at his house to inform the Dukies that they are banned from the locker room.

Additionally, Coach K told his players that they aren't to wear any Duke Blue Devils apparel until further notice, which is a tactic he has used in the past.

Since Coach K left the team due to his surgery they have gone 2-3 and ESPN reports a source close to the situation says this ban will continue "until they start living up to the standards of the Duke program." 


"He wasn't happy," said one source close to the situation. "Especially after the loss to NC State."

"He needs to do more than just take away their jerseys," added another source close to the program. "There are bigger issues that need to be addressed."

The loss to NC State, in which Duke blew a late lead, happened to be their first loss at home to the Wolfpack since 1995.

The Blue Devils (3-4 in the ACC) will be back in action on Saturday at Wake Forest (3-5 in the ACC).