CNN's Van Jones has reportedly signed a management deal with Jay'z Roc Nation.

“The Messy Truth” host made the announcement today, he hopes the company's expertise in cultural influence helps his work in green initiatives, getting poor youngsters involved in the tech sector and training prison inmates in media skills.

Jay Z said in a statement, “Van’s immense capacity for empathy builds bridges.” 

Jones was under fire from fellow liberals for praising President Trump’s salute to the widow of a Navy SEAL in a speech before Congress back in February. Trump “became president of the United States in that moment,” Jones said.

Jones believes the backlash he received was a product of clickbait culture and the raw feelings of Democrats.

Per the Washington Post,

“It showed some of the insecurities and anxieties of the liberals who were convinced that if even one pundit said one kind thing about Trump than we’d have Hitler, that everything was at stake, and any kind of nuance was just the road to fascism in America,” Jones said. “When you’re in that kind of mind state, then you jump at a lot of shadows.”