Earlier today, Kanye West embarked on yet another Twitter escapade, during which he revealed what he takes to be his greatest quality -- "I care." He also put forth his belief that it's possible for humans to create a utopia. After logging off for a couple of hours, he hopped back on to drop a quick request regarding a less lofty matter, as he asked Steve Ballmer, owner of the L.A. Clippers, if he could redesign the team's new mascot. 

At the beginning of the month, the Clippers unveiled its first-ever mascot: Chuck the Condor. The overzealous pink-headed bird, with its disturbingly phallic blue beak, has been the source of much mockery, including from rapper and die-hard Clips fan Vince Staples. Clearly, Kanye isn't much of a fan of the bird himself. 

The official Twitter account of the mascot wasn't happy to see Kanye's request to send him back into extinction. "I miss the old Kanye," he joked, referring to the a cappella track on The Life of Pablo

Ballmer was more more willing to hear him out, as he responded to Yeezy's tweet by writing, "love Chuck but love your creativity," before going on to ask if he'd be willing to chat ideas over lunch. Ballmer then followed up by suggesting that a courtside Clips game would be even better than lunch. 

As Kanye made the initial request, he'll have to have some initial mascot blueprints to show Ballmer when they catch a game together. Should Chuck the Condor be fearing for his existence?