Kawhi Leonard has been one of if not the best player in the NBA Playoffs as he's carried the Toronto Raptors all the way to the NBA Finals. On Thursday, Leonard and the Raptors will start their best-of-seven series against the Golden State Warriors and try to win their first ever championship. While Kawhi will be laser-focused on the task at hand, he will quickly shift his focus to free agency once the series is over. Leonard has to decide the next team he wants to play for and there have been plenty of rumors as to where he'll go.

Yesterday, odds were released from Caesars Palace as to Kawhi's potential landing spots and as it stands, the Los Angeles Clippers are the favorites at -200. The Raptors are close behind at +125, with the New York Knicks coming in at +280. One of the weirdest additions to the list though is the Golden State Warriors with their odds at +320. This submission is surely a red herring and shouldn't be taken seriously. If Kawhi actually goes to the Warriors, the whole NBA is broken but it will never happen.

Finally, the Lakers, who have been shrouded in controversy these days, is fifth on the list with odds at +900. 

Betting odds are hit and miss and are designed to take your money from you so take this with a grain of salt. Leonard is a private guy so we'll probably only know where he's going on June 30th when he puts pen to paper and signs his next deal.