A Cleveland, OH man named Steve Stephens claims to have killed 15 people in an "Easter day slaughter." He broadcast one of the killings on Facebook Live. None of the others have been verified. 

Police have identified the suspect as a 6-foot-1, 244-pound bald man with a full beard. According to ABC News, police say that Stephens is "wearing a dark blue and gray- or black-striped polo shirt and believed to driving a white- or cream-colored SUV." 

The Facebook Live homicide occurred in northeast Cleveland near the Lake Erie shore, reports NBC News

Police said that Stephens wrote about committing many other homicides on his Facebook page. At one point in the day, he wrote that he had killed 12 people and said that he would not stop until he could speak with his mother as well as a second woman.

He later wrote that he had killed 15 people. He referred to the professed killing spree as his "Easter day slaughter." The account has now been removed. 

This is a developing story