Although Meek Mill will be the first to tell you he's a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, his release from prison was supported by athletes from every team with superstars speaking out about his legal troubles as the #FreeMeek movement blossomed. When he was finally granted his freedom, Meek's first steps were into Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center to watch the 76ers in playoff action. While his team was booted out of the postseason, Meek received avid support from one of the greatest in the game, LeBron James, as he advocated for his release. Now that the Cavs have advanced to the NBA Finals once again, they celebrated post-game by jamming to one of Meek's most popular tracks, "Dreams and Nightmares."

Video footage showed the Cavs celebrating their achievement after knocking off the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, singing along to "Dreams and Nightmares" in the locker room. With LeBron getting iced up after playing all 48 minutes, Meek took notice of the support, reposting a few videos of the team rapping along to his lyrics. Even head coach Tyronn Lue can be seen getting down to the track, riling up his players.

In the offseason, Meek is sure to do some more recruiting to get LBJ on his hometown Sixers and, if the Cavs fail to win the title, all eyes will be on the star to see where he signs.