Tyronn Lue has been sidelined for the past 9 games due to a series of health complications which were deemed too serious to ignore by the team's medical staff. The Cavaliers Coach was battling chest pains and insomnia. Assistant coach Larry Drew assumed head coaching duties in his absence. 

According to ESPN, Tyronn will make his return tomorrow against the visiting Washington Wizards. He will be welcomed back by his sympathetic supporters. Any fan base would be out of line if they received him any differently. Coach Lue has been around the team for the past 5 or 6 days, taking things in stride one tiny step at a time. 

The Cavaliers will look to reintegrate their coach with 4 games remaining before the commencement of the playoffs. The Cavaliers are winners of their last four and recently bested the #1 seeded Toronto Raptors. Jose Calderon turned back the clock in that outing, netting an efficient 19 points on 7 of 11 shooting. While the Cavaliers are in unfamiliarity territory, unable to clinch home court advantage with a two finish in the regular, they are a nightmare match up for any team falling inside the bubble which they currently occupy, made all the more dangerous by the return of Lue.