They went from the Bad Girls Club to walking the runway for Yeezy Season 6, and the Clermont Twins haven't slowed down. The pair of identical twins are known for being reality television and social media personalities who often share photos from their modeling gigs and parties with some of our favorite artists. They aren't often photographed in their everyday attire without the tending of their glam squad, but a person captured the sisters while they were out. Needless to say, it caused a bit of a ruckus.

In the photo, the ladies seemed to be minding their businesses while looking at their phones as a stranger took a picture of them and posted it online. The candid shot showed them without makeup and soon, they were being trolled by critics who called them out for having cosmetic surgery.

Shannade Clermont took to Twitter to address the viral photo by calling out people who take pictures without permission. "Imma literally start taking photos of b*tches who take off guard photos of me. A 1 FOR 1!!!" she tweeted. "YOU B*TCHES IS SAD!!!! Little do y’all know. The more y’all hate. The more my insights go up Up index= MONEY!! I THANK YOU!!!!"

She also retweeted a fan who lamented about the twins being out with "civilians" and not being able to have peace because people want to "get some clout" by taking photos. "While you was on a flight heading home, I’m on a flight getting to the bag. F*ck outta here." Check out the picture and the tweets below.

Clermont Twins