Drake's beloved Alabama Crimson Tide suffered a crushing defeat in the National Championship Game last night, and everyone on twitter let him know about it. 

During and after Clemson's 44-16 blowout victory, fans were peppering Drake's mentions with memes and reminding him of the "Drake Curse" which has already claimed the Kentucky Wildcats, Toronto Raptors and Conor McGregor. Even the official twitter account of Clemson Football got in on the trolling.


With Monday night's victory at Levi's Stadium, the Clemson Tigers became the first college football team to go 15-0 since 1897. According to ESPN Stats & Info, they're also the 13th program to win at least three national titles in the AP Poll era (since 1936).

“We just got whupped,’’ Alabama defensive end Raekwon Davis said. “Nobody did their job. The pass rush, the run stop, it wasn’t there. … We weren’t prepared. It was just us. It wasn’t anything they were doing. We killed ourselves.’ 

Check out some more reactions to last night's National title game in the posts embedded below.