The Cleveland Browns' season hasn't gone quite as expected thus far, and fans are already playing the blame game following the team's second home loss on Sunday night. 

Among those concerned Browns fans is none other than Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum, who just happened to be in the building for Cleveland's 20-13 defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams.

Following the Browns' failed attempt to tie the game in the final two minutes, during which Odell Beckham Jr. was not targeted once, McCollum tweeted:

"Why we trade for Odell if we ain’t gonna throw buddy the ball. Who calling these plays. Send help. Concerned browns fan"

OBJ led the team in receptions on Sunday with six catches for 56 yards, but he failed to reach the endzone and wasn't much of a factor at all down the stretch. In fact, he was targeted just once on Cleveland's final four drives of the game. Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield completed just 50% of his passes (18 of 36) for 195 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

There were a number of questionable play calls during the game, most notably a draw on 4th and 9 from the Rams' 40-yard line late in the fourth quarter. When asked about that peculiar decision following the game, Browns head coach Freddie Kitchen admitted it was a "bad call."

"It just didn't work. It was a bad call," said Kitchens, who serves as Cleveland's offensive playcaller. "We're trying to win the game and we're on their side of the field. Bad call."

As a result of Sunday's loss, the Browns fell to 1-2 as they head into a road matchup with the division rival Baltimore Ravens in Week 4.