Today would have been Biggie Smalls' 46th birthday and in light of the day, Global Road Entertainment has dropped off the new trailer to the upcoming flick City of Lies that follows the unsolved case of the rapper's March 9th, 1997 murder. 

Johnny Depp plays LAPD Det. Russell Poole who works with reporter Jack Jackson, played by Forest Whitaker, as they work to solve the case two decades later on who killed Biggie. As they pick up clues and seemingly get closer to an answer, they find a web of corruption that has a lot to do with the LAPD. The film is based on true events and although Detective Poole never solved the case, it proves that there's a lot to the murder of Biggie the public doesn't know about, with connections to Tupac and his murder.

The movie is based on the series Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G that also follows Detective Poole's findings. City of Lies hits theatres September 7th. Watch the trailer below to prepare for the action and mystery set to come.