The Cleveland Cavaliers' championship parade, which has been 52 years in the making, is taking place today in downtown Cleveland and anybody who's anybody will be present for the momentous occasion.

That includes employees of the Cleveland Municipal Court's facilities, which means people who were supposed to appear in court today are off the hook; temporarily, at least.

Defendants will obviously have to reschedule their court dates but thanks to Judge Ronald B. Adrine, everyone is free to enjoy the Cavs' championship parade today at 11am.

“Given the historic nature of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship victory, it is only right and proper that the Cleveland Municipal Court facilitate an opportunity for our employees and those who use the Cleveland Municipal Court’s facilities to join with the rest of Northeast Ohio and the Cavaliers’ nation for the celebratory parade scheduled to take place tomorrow,” Presiding Judge Ronald B. Adrine said in the news release.

Cleveland is about to be L-I-T.