Congratulations are in order for Yung Miami of the City Girls and her boyfriend, mega-producer Southside. The couple just welcomed their first child together and Miami's second baby, announcing the birth of little Summer and showing off the first-ever photos of her on social media.

Now that her partner in crime, City Girl JT, is finally out of prison, Yung Miami is able to rest and take care of her new baby. Today, she revealed that she has officially given birth to Summer, posting several photos from the hospital. In the first, Summer can be seen sleeping in her pink blanket with balloons celebrating her arrival. 808 Mafia's Southside is pictured catching some shut-eye in bed, clearly exhausted from the long hospital stay. The second image has Summer in an adorable frilly skirt and a customized diaper. Yung Miami and Southside got money... they can afford to get Summer her own line of diapers any day of the week.

Join us in sending positive and healthy vibes to Yung Miami, Southside and their new baby Summer. Expect to see Caresha laying low for the next little while as she nurses her daughter. In the meantime, JT will likely take the reins for the coming months.