If you listen to their music, you know how difficult it must be to maintain a healthy relationship with either of the City Girls. The two know their worth and they will fight you if you don't treat them right. Yung Miami and JT have gained many new fans this year with their most recent "Twerk" single eliciting a dance challenge. While many would be intimidated by Yung Miami after hearing her raps, Southside is apparently up for the challenge.

For the last few weeks, Miami has been hinting that she has a new boo and finally his identity has been revealed. Commenting on the photo above of Southside on Instagram, the City Girls rapper wrote "Mines." She also shared a photo of a man kissing her on the cheek at a party and while his face isn't fully revealed, the tattoos seem to confirm that Southside and Yung Miami are a thing. 

Expect to hear a whole lot of "Southside on the track, yeeeaaaahh" on the next City Girls project. While JT remains incarcerated, the success of their last two projects has them riding high into 2019. Hopefully, the second member of the Quality Control collective is freed soon so they can get back to work on fresh music.