Yung Miami, one half of the rap group City Girls, is caught in a legal battle with Jai Wiggins, the father of her child. The man is being accused of violating a court order by harassing the rising star. His actions include repeated phone calls, threats on social media and stalking. 

The female MC claims that Wiggins threatened to rip her hair extensions out of her head. This might be construed as dark humor to some people who hear this out of context. However, the baby daddy is most likely serious considering the fact that he has done this kind of thing before. In 2015, the man literally snatched Yung Miami's wig off her head during one of many disputes they have endured.

The former couple has a history of domestic violence. One of the most brutal instances may have been the one in which Yung Miami was dragged out of a vehicle and repeatedly punched in the face, resulting in a hospital visit to treat multiple contusions. Ultimately, the rapper was awarded protection in a court order that required Higgins to stay 500 yards away from her.

Jai Higgins is set to appear in court to address his court order violation which includes his failure to complete domestic violence and parenting programs in addition to avoiding payment of his required fines.