Coach K and Pee, the masterminds behind Quality Control Music have managed to push boundaries wherever they set foot, but molding two female rappers was unprecedented territory for the consultancy. City Girls are the first to earn the distinction, and their story is not without an even number of pitfalls and triumphs.

Point Blank Period, produced in conjunction with Mass Appeal gives fans a look at JT and Yung Miami in more intimate quarters, provided the former is imprisoned on credit card fraud, but even so filmmakers have done a remarkable job at piecing together old footage posted on social media at different stages of their artistic development. 

On a personal note, the documentary shows the bond the two women have forged almost out necessity. Within the scope of the film, real unprocessed moments of personal strife are brought to light. One instantly comes to mind, a scene in which Yung Miami willingly checks in on JT's son via Face Time with his mother away in prison.

Much of Point Blank Period was pre-recorded to include both women bartering against the invisible laws holding them back, only momentarily it would seem. Within minutes of watching, their sisterhood becomes perceivable and good manners come into play when the situation calls for them, as you'll come to understand after watching this deeply humanizing portrait of two rappers on the rise.