Last night, JT found a way to send a message of goodwill passed on via Instagram. The proud member of Quality Control's City Girls' outfit has been incarcerated since losing her bid against fraud charges back in July 2018. Since being locked up, the other City Girl, Yung Miami, busy as a bee with a day planner, has been upholding the group's name with the "Free JT" hashtag close at hand. 

"The wait is almost over thank you so much for the love & support. I told yal that 2019 is City Girls year. PERIOD! #FreeJT," JT wrote on Instagram via her social media handler. While imprisoned, JT has received visitations from Yung Miami, as promised to her several times over in the City Girl's documentary Point Blank Period.

JT was also visited by some of the key players involved in the upkeep her of public imaging: Quality Control's CEO and co-founder Pierre "Pee" Thomas and her personal manager Caprie, who reciprocated the gesture of posting the photo update.

By the looks it, JT doesn't appear to be lying as she reports all systems go. Pierre "Pee" Thomas for his part is insisting that he "can't wait til [she] gets home." JT is quite literally a year away from resuming her life on the outside, given that her release date is slated March 21, 2020, barring any unforeseen circumstances.