With Angie Martinez's sudden departure (at least, to us) from Hot 97, her daily 3 PM slot is open for the taking. As we reported on last week, the seasoned radio personality is moving to her once-competitor, Power 105.1, where she will take on an afternoon slot from 2 PM - 6PM, in addition to a midday slot at their sister station Miami's The Beat.

Cipha Sounds on the Hot 97 team took to Instagram to announce that he's going to be taking on the 3 PM slot-- at least for today. It's unclear if Cipha is acting as a permanent replacement for the slot or simply one for interim. In his Instagram video he announces, "I dunno about tomorrow, I dunno about next week, but I know I come on today, 3 o'clock, Hot 97."

We'll update you once we receive confirmation on the full-time replacement for Angie.