You probably already know this, but Russell Wilson is one lucky ass man. On Wednesday, his wife Ciara took to her Instagram to share some alluring & seductive pictures of herself that Russell actually snapped himself from the bedroom.

The pics, which are done tastefully, yet sexy, find a naked Ciara wearing only a white dress shirt wrapped around her body while posing on her bed. Rocking long dreads, Ciara poses for all types of different angles & shots for Russell, showing the innocence & true beauty of his wife.

Ciara then shared the photos on Instagram Wednesday night, leaving only a caption that credited Russell Wilson for taking them, and leaving the rest up to your imagination. It's doubtful Russell has any photography in his background, but he sure knows how to work a camera.

These sexy photos from Ciara surface just a couple weeks after she & Kelly Rowland sang Christmas songs at the Children’s Hospital, proving once again that she’s a well-rounded woman to say the least.

Check out the intimate & sexy photos of Ciara (below) and let us all thank Russell Wilson for his keen eye and photography skills.