Ciara has come through with some of her most iconic looks this year, starting with her latex queen photoshoot. The tribal princess vibes she was rocking a few weeks ago were pretty lit and now she's adding her take on Afrofuturism to the portfolio. CiCi shot stunning photos for her Wonderland feature in the publication's winter issue.

The artist has grown before her fans' eyes, having released "Goodies" 14 years ago. This time has allowed her to grow as a person and build confidence as an artist. This fierceness is present in her photos as well as the moves the latest moves she has made in her music career.

“My mission is to inject love and to make the world dance. So on this project, I want to keep that movement going. It’s how I felt when I put out my first album. When I made Goodies, I was this young girl, excited, untainted by any bad experiences and living my dream, " she explained to Wonderland," I’ve kind of had that all over again. I’m the most confident I’ve ever been. And when you’re really confident you don’t stress as much or sweat the small stuff as much. You’re able to be free, fearless and not overthink. You’re just doing it.”

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