Ciara took a leap towards independence by launching her own label, Beauty Mark Entertainment, in 2017. The boss lady dropped "Level Up" as the first single under the moniker last year, followed by a couple more tunes, and is already readying some new music for her fans. Her latest, "Greatest Love" is slated for release on February 12.

The singer spoke to Billboard  about her business venture explaining how it a step towards furthering her legacy. "My ultimate goal is to perfect my journey first, and then at some point in time down the line, it would be fun to actually have other artists come along and the idea would be to empower them. The idea of ownership is really important to me and that's what this phase is about," she said.

"It's truly about, let's really build things to where it can last for a really long time and I can really reap the full benefits of my labor. I've been in systems and the way the deals are typically structured for us artists, we don't really get to reap the full financial benefits of our labor. I love what I do. I wake up every day excited to do what I do, even during the toughest times. But at the same time, it's like, let's make economic sense of it all as well."

For now, Beauty Mark represents complete autonomy allowing her to interact with fans on her own terms. "I'm having fun just giving my fans music. There are plans to what I'm doing but if I have a moment where I'm like, “I want to put this song out today,” I'm gonna put it out. That’s what it's about. I just want to ultimately do what feels right," she added. "And I will say that every time in my career when I've done what felt creatively right to me in my gut, it's always works. So I want to stick to that formula."