Ciara has come a long way since her debut album Goodies that was released on September 28th, 2004. True fans remember the days of "1,2 Step" and the added vocal cords necessary for her tune "Oh." The 33-year-old went on to release more memorable albums and singles that rocked the R&B charts all thanks to her career intro on Goodies. 

In light of the 15-year-anniversary that will be this weekend, Ciara has taken to Instagram to show love to the tape that made her who she is while thanking her fans for the never-ending support. In the short clip, Ciara explains how her track "Goodies" was the song that she knew would put her on "the map" and change her life - and so it did. 

"This Saturday marks the 15 yr anniversary of my debut album “Goodies.” Having sold 5 million copies worldwide, my dream came true in every way with my debut. I am so thankful for my musical journey and growth as an artist but also so humbled by your continued support!" she wrote alongside the video. "That little girl was always...I always had a big voice even when I was young," Cici added. 

Cheers to Ciara.