Yesterday, Ciara posted a few shots to promote her new album. Beauty Marks, which was released a few hours ago, features Macklemore, Kelly Rowland, and others. In the lead-up photos to the official album drop, Ciara kept losing articles of clothing until she got to a point where there was nothing left to shed. The first picture showed her from the side, rocking a bedazzled "Ciara" earring and a turtleneck. The next upload went a little further back, zooming out the camera to reveal that the artist was not wearing any pants, showing off her incredible figure. Finally, she took a seat and removed her shirt, covering up her modesty with her arms and simply rocking a pair of Air Jordans in the final offering.

After giving birth to her two babies, Ciara has been reminding all her followers that she might be a mother-of-two but she's still got it. Her most recent example of that came one hour before Beauty Marks dropped, with the singer crossing her legs and sitting nude on a stand, leaving on her snazzy sneakers. 

Much of Ciara's new album is about body positivity, female empowerment and accepting yourself as you are so it makes sense for the artist to shed some of her clothing. On the cover art, all of her curves are on display and she's not giving up yet because there's still some major promotion to do.