Ciara might be revving up to a pinnacle point in her career. Yesterday, the singer came through with a sultry photo shoot. Her fans went nuts for her "latex-goddess" look. Today, Ciara delivers a more demure photo set. Still, the caption is making many do a double-take. She posted the same three photos on both Twitter and Instagram with captions that all included "#LevelUp 7.18.18." Her most recent post added "Get Ready To Dance 💃🏽" to the tagline.

Fans are going nuts in her feed since the posts point to new music of some kind (or a clothing line, smh). The type of content has yet to be revealed but a new single is likely since no proper rollout has been made for a full-length album. Then again, the artist might be pulling off her own version of a quasi-surprise drop. Either way, the date is exciting since Ciara hasn't released any full-length projects since Jackie in 2015. 

None of her recent efforts have charted in the mainstream sphere since 2016. Of course, this might be due to the star's personal life. Ciara demonstrated what it means to "#LevelUp" when she ditched Future and married a seemingly better fit. Perhaps her continuous use of the controversial hashtag is meant to foreshadow her reaching new heights in her professional life as well.