Ciara and Russell Wilson were briefly overshadowed by Jimmy Fallon's daughter, Winnie, when the 6-year-old interrupted their at-home interview with the late night host to tell her dad she'd lost a tooth. With the coronavirus quarantine in full effect, talk show hosts have had to resort to conducting their interviews with celebrities over video chat. Jimmy Fallon is no exception, as the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has taken to broadcasting his show from home. While the major change of scenery and taping style has altered the atmosphere of the show to produce a much more intimate effect between Jimmy and his guests, it's been working out decently well, so far. However, one obstacle that a late night host with two young children is bound to face when attempting to film their show from home is that those little scoundrels could not care less if daddy is working.

During Fallon's interview with power couple Ciara and Russell Wilson on Tuesday night, Russell was in the middle of telling a story when the host's 6-year-old daughter, Winnie, rushed into the room to tell her dad she'd lost a tooth. A major milestone for his young daughter, Jimmy couldn't simply tell her to let him finish his interview, and instead asked her to repeat the exciting news for Russell and Ciara. The couple congratulated her on her amazing feat, and Winnie proceeded to explain that she'd lost it after someone tied a string around her tooth and pulled on it. Ciara then tells a story about how her son, Future, lost his first tooth after his sister bumped his chin and caused the loose tooth to pop out of his gums. Check out the full interview below: