Ciara and Russell Wilson are one happy, successful family with their two kids Sienna and baby Future. Ciara has shared numerous images to her Instagram feed that shows the many happy moments she and her family share from their trips to Italy to shared red carpet moments together. By no surprise at all, Ciara and Russell are very much into the idea of having more children, it's just a matter of when. 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The couple attended last night's ESPY awards (where they surely saw Usher's awkward moment) and were asked about their plans for more kids. “I’m just saying three is a good number,” Russell said, with Ciara adding, “Three is my favorite number, but I can say, I am enjoying dancing with a flat belly.”

Russell made it clear that his wife “looks good pregnant," sparking Ciara to respond: “My answer is definitely yes, it’s just when, it’s going to happen… I look forward to having more, for sure.” The Seattle Seahawks player continued to explain just why having children are so important, proving that he's clearly ready to get the third baby in motion. 

“I think it’s the greatest miracle having children that’s the thing… you learn patience, you continue to learn love, you learn what life is supposed to be like, that’s the best thing about children.”