Tensions are at an all-time high right now due to the Coronavirus and people are doing things they normally wouldn't. With nothing to do in the crib, some people might be looking to get into some mischief elsewhere. Well, that's exactly what a man by the name of Jesus Jose Arellano did recently while in North Carolina. According to TMZ, the man made his way to the Grace Moravian Church where he destroyed their stained glass art piece with a huge rock. As it turns out, this stained glass has been a fixture of the church since 1925.

In the report, it states that Arellano eventually confessed to his crime and was brought up on injury to real property charges. People in the community are quite shocked about the incident and are upset about the damage that has been done to such a positive institution in their community.

What makes this even stranger is the fact that he needed to break through plexiglass before being able to break the stained glass. Clearly, he was motivated to cause some harm to the church.

As far as his name is concerned, the crime truly is a piece of ironic gold although we're sure the churchgoers in the area would say otherwise.