Horror love is at an all-time high, and it would appear that production studios have received the memo and then some. Naturally, a wave of remakes has already begun to flood the market. We've already seen revivals of Halloween, and Candyman is in the works. It won't be long before Freddy Krueger pops up on the big screen. In any case, Child's Play is the latest franchise to land the reboot treatment, in both the cinematic and television mediums. Now, fans can get a first look at the upcoming flick, which hits theatres on June 21st.

The official trailer has come, setting a murderous tone for the film to come. Though Chucky's sense of gallows humor will likely remain present, it would appear the movie will not be holding back on the more gruesome elements. He is, after all, a doll that hacks people up with butcher knives. Though we don't get a good look at the titular doll, we do see some of his handiwork at play. From the look of it, the film will be a brutal affair, which is sure to please those seeking an R-Rated romp.

Check out the trailer below, and sound off. Are you here for a Child's Play reboot?