According to a recent report by TMZ, actress and musician Christina Milian was recently involved in a brawl with a bouncer outside of a Los Angeles establishment. 

The disagreement is said to have taken place shortly after Milian and a group of friends including model and television personality, Nicole Murphy, left a Bruno Mars concert this past Tuesday. The group made its way to the Figueroa Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to continue the night's festivities but were confronted with a considerable obstacle. TMZ reports that despite the fact Nicole and a few of Christina's pals were allowed into the bar moments before, a bouncer barred Milian's entry because the last call had already been announced. Witnesses claim that after she was denied entry, Milian threw a drink at the bouncer who then proceeded to grab her, promoting two nearby men to intervene sparking the altercation.

The authorities were purportedly contacted and responded to the call, though it is unclear whether Milian or hotel staff filed a report. Representatives for Milian refute the claim that Milian threw a drink at the bouncer and maintain that the aforementioned males were not part of Milian's party. A representative for Figueroa Hotel has said the situation "was unfortunate and was diffused by hotel staff and security to the very best of their ability."