Over fifteen years ago, Christina Aguilera unleashed her "Dirrty" anthem, creating an iconic music video and dropping jaws around the world. The product showed her critics that she wasn't just a Britney copycat. Xtina had her own agenda and she wasn't afraid to push the boundaries of how sexy one could get in a music video. The infamous boxing ring clip gained the singer tons of notoriety, with many still revisit it from time to time. Although it's been sixteen years since its initial release, Christina still isn't afraid to get a little risqué for the cameras as she proved at her 38th birthday party. 

Aguilera had herself quite the party, getting down with her man in a few photos that made their way onto Instagram. The pop star isn't shy about showing off her body online. In the past, she's posted photos of herself in the bathtub. While she doesn't reveal a lot of skin in the birthday photos, they're as suggestive as can be. Several shots show her husband grabbing her breasts from behind while the wildest pictures are of Xtina on her knees in front of her man, simulating oral sex. As we said, she's certainly not afraid to spice things up.

Christina rang in her 38th birthday with family and friends. Happy birthday, Xtina!