It's been a while since Christina Aguilera's low-waisted prime back in the early aughts (although, if you missed it she released an album this year, which included a Kanye-produced banger called "Maria") and her waning relevance is on display in an the following incident form a bar in New Orleans, where X-tina is refused the privilege of going up on stage with the band to sing:

Christina wasn't bitter about it though, she sounded humoured by the experience when she told the story at her own show in New Orleans' Saenger Theater on Friday:

Thanks for this warm welcome because it's so funny, last night I go to this little bar, and I'll tell you this story because its funny.  I go to the bar and there was this band playing, and I was with a couple of my dancers.  After a minute, I was like let me jam with this guy and have some fun, but the guy from the band would not give me the mic to sing.  He would not give up his mic.  He was older and he wasn't feeling it.  I was like just let me come up and said, 'What are you going to do, dance?' I was like 'No, I want to sing a song.'  He didn't let me sing, so I was like well I'll just save it for my concert tomorrow.'  He wasn't feeling me, it is ok, I went on my merry way.