Christian Rich Recruits Little Dragon & Vic Mensa For "Dripping Summers"

Christian Rich -  Dripping Summers Feat. Vic Mensa & Little Dragon

  August 22, 2018 14:29
Dripping Summers
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Catch a Summer vibe.

Twins Taiwo Hassan and Kehinde Hassan combine to create the Grammy-nominated production duo Christian Rich. The talented brothers have just released a new single featuring the lead vocalist of Little Dragon and Chi-town rapper Vic Mensa.

Entitled "Dripping Summer," the single features a distorted sounding electronic instrumental that sounds like what being underwater feels like until the drums drop in. Little Dragon's Yukimi Nagano lays down scratchy vocals over the majority of the single, with Mensa popping up at the end to lay down a verse. The "Reverse" rapper concludes the song with his lyrical exercise, leaving the listener yearning for another loop of the instrumental after the beat drops out from under Vic's verse. 

Quotable Lyrics
The sun is down these hours always light my fire
I got a young woman on my line, she says she like my vibe
My conversation is deeper than viral sensations and such
She like it rougher than David, fighting temptations in us

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