Chris Travis Posts Up With Rain Boots On "Water World"

Chris Travis -  Water World

  June 16, 2018 15:02
Water World
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Chris Travis releases new video single "Water World" for the boppers.

The piano keys tell a story in itself. The major drawback of picking a fight with Chris Travis is he never takes repose. Can you keep up your stamina. For only 2:35 Chris Travis picks a hypothetical with rappers twice his size. What he lacks in resourcefulness he makes up for with sheer might. "Water World" continues the tradition Travis started in the heyday of Raider Klan, a movement many believe gave rise to the concept of SoundCloud Rap.

"Water World" appears on the album bearing the same name, available as of Yesterday. Water World packs 15 tracks of throwback Memphis-styled doomrap. The sustained effort of ex-Raider Klan continues in years following its collapse. The Memphis sound, although not in vogue, continues to be interpolated by artists looking to inject energy into their music. Chris Travis has never been guilty of cloud hopping, he's been "doin' me" for 7 years now.

Quotable Lyrics:

Big flippa I'm a big dippa ain't no trip n****
Lyin' hoes made my dick bigger
I don't trip n****
Bitch lookin like a back hit her imma pass n****
Bad members not a band member fuck a band n****
Been my own man since the clan I won't stand n****

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