A horrific story broke last month, in which Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Christ Bearer severed his penis and jumped from a second story Balcony in New York. There were multiple accounts of the situation-- some claiming he was completely sober, and others suggesting he was high on PCP.

Last we heard, the rapper was in stable condition, but doctors were unable to surgically reattach his penis. 

The rapper has now done his first interview since the traumatic event, where he revealed that his penis has in fact been restored to full functionality-- though he apparently won't be able to have children.

The Wu rapper explained that he began to feel lonely and depressed when restraining orders made it impossible for him to see his two children (he also had a third on the way).

According to Christ Bearer, he began smoking weed and reading a book on monks and vasectomies when he seemingly had a mental breakdown-- trying to perform the procedure on himself.

On his status with the Wu Tang Clan, the rapper replied with "I am the fucking Wu Tang."