Within the first 30 seconds of 2019, Chrissy Teigen has once again become a meme and honestly, we're here for it because it's all laughs. The model, mom and cookbook author was celebrating New Year's Eve in Times Square Monday night and if you were wathcing the annual countodwn, you're well aware that the weather wasn't so hot. 

Everyone had umbrellas or raincoats to stand the rain, but it didn't stop many from embracing the people around them once the clock hit midnight and 2019 was in full effect. Chrissy Teigen and Leslie Jones found themselves in a funny situation when they went in for a New Year's hug but Leslie's umbrella whacked Chrissy in the face first. 

Chrissy usually bounces back effortlessly in meme situations such as these, and her response to the viral clip was hilarious and simple: "7am. Heading back out to time’s square to find my eyeball."

Chrissy even did her fair share in clapping back and replying to some Twitter users who had to share their two-cents on the matter. Check out some of the reactions below.