Yesterday, we reported on the live tweeting done by Chrissy Teigen while she and husband John Legend were on a nightmare flight from Los Angeles to Japan. The trip, which was supposed to take 11 hours, ended with the passengers being turned around and flown back to the City of Angels. According to CNN, there was "an administrative mix-up." In Teigen's words, there was a passenger who wasn't supposed to be on the plane, so the flight was turned around 4 hours in.

Now, TMZ has updated the story with details on compensation that was given to passengers for the mishap and, as one might expect if they've dealt with airline misadventures before, it wasn't much. One of Chrissy's co-passengers, who remained annonymous in the report, told the gossip outlet that, when the makeup flight from All Nippon Airways (flight NH175) finally left LAX and landed safely in Japan, each person was given 30,000 Yen for their troubles. 

This sounds great, until you realize what the exchange rate is, and then it's not. 30,000 Yen amounts to around $256 U.S. dollars, which isn't much of a deal for all those who wasted upwards of eight hours in the air on this "flight to nowhere."

How pissed would you be if a similar situation happened to you? Sound off in the comments.