It happens to the best of us. While grace under pressure is an important quality, it admittedly remains difficult to maintain composure throughout life's many obstacles and hurdles. Sometimes, the toxic emotions can take control. When that happens, all we can really do is grit our teeth and hope to laugh about it later. Such is the case for Chrissy Teigen, who recently took to Twitter to reflect on a lover's quarrel long-past. The incident in question transpired over a decade over, when Teigen was twenty-two. 

True fans know that Teigen and husband John Legend first met while on a video set; perhaps such conditions led Teigen's brain down this line of reasoning to begin with. Either way, the mother of two took to Twitter to reflect on John Legend & Andre 3000's "Green Light" video, which ultimately proved a test of sorts for Teigen's resolve. Evidently, watching John Legend play the Casanova to another woman seemed particularly harrowing, especially when third parties began exacerbating the process with some playful ribbing.

Eventually, Teigen fell victim to her own self-authored narrative, prompting a tearful "meltdown," which left the cast and crew baffled. Luckily, it was quickly smoothed over, and Teigen came through to tell the tale with an admirable degree of self-awareness. Peep her reflection below.