In Dwyane Wade's final home game on Tuesday, April 9, the Miami Heat legend went crashing into the stands and landed directly on Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. The photo from that incident at American Airlines Arena quickly went viral, and Teigen herself replied by comparing the moment to “a renaissance painting.” 

Well, Spalding — official basketball of the NBA and also pictured in the photo — took things a step further by commissioning artist Hugh Syme to re-create the moment with a painting that was recently gifted to Teigen and Legend.

Chrissy posted the painting to her Instagram account this afternoon, as seen below. 

“I had no idea,” Wade said following his final home game with the Heat. “I had no idea, man, but when I looked back and saw it was John and Chrissy, luckily the game was still going on and I had to keep going, but I was just like ‘Dang.’ My whole back was wet. John had beer all over him. Luckily, we’re friends.”