It tends to get rather uncomfortable when people bring "internet energy" to real life interactions. A recent one-sided exchange between Chrissy Teigen and a fur-protestor proved that very fact. A clip from TMZ captured the public shaming, in which an activist decided to fight his own just cause with unjust language and minimal tact. "Chrissy, you should be ashamed of yourself for wearing real fur!” he cries, as Teigen poses for photographs. “Shame on you, you heartless murderer! You're a fur hag! You’re a heartless human being!” 

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Her aloof response only intensifies his Big Mad status, prompting him to get even more vitriolic. “Shame on you, Chrissy! Why do you hate animals so much, huh?” the man screams. “You heartless, ugly jerk!” It should be noted that Teigen was, at the time, not wearing fur. USA Today reports that while the man in question boasted about the incident on his Facebook page, Teigen has yet to respond to the tirade.

Of course, the ethics of fur have been long debated, and there are plenty of arguable points coming from more level-headed detractors. Yet one has to ponder the logic behind this man's attempts at instilling change. Is calling somebody an ugly jerk the most effective means of guidance? It's almost as if disruptors of this nature have no interest in bringing forth a change of heart - not when sweet, sweet, chaos is ripe for the sowing!