Chrissy Teigen is one of the most beloved internet stars. The actress and entertainer has gone viral more than a few times for her relatable content and today is just another example of that. Whenever someone shares photos of themselves as a kid, you know the likes are going to pile up. Instagram loves that type of content so Teigen decided to post a shot of herself as a youngin. The results in her comment section were pretty insane though with a good number of fans pointing out that she looks almost identical to Selena Gomez.

John Sciulli/Getty Images

Teigen's millions of followers caught on to the similarities almost right away, rushing to tell the comedian just how much she looks like Selena. The fans aren't wrong either. While it's a major throwback and the two don't necessarily look identical anymore, you could easily mistake Chrissy for Gomez in that specific shot. 

Other fans are noticing more of a resemblance to Zendaya but we're siding with the Gomez folks. Chrissy Teigen recently appeared in a Super Bowl commercial with her husband John Legend while Selena Gomez is slowly reestablishing herself in the spotlight after taking some time off. Take a look at the photo below and see for yourself.