Just as DJ Khaled credits his young son Asahd as an executive producer on his last album, Chrissy Teigen is doing the same by giving her two-year-old daughter Luna credit on her upcoming beauty products for Becca Cosmetics. According to Page Six Miss Chrissy is readying a collection of make-up and Luna is going to add her touch of impressive smelling skills. 

“[Luna is] very into smell, she likes really fresh, clean scents,” the 32-year-old mom of two said. “So was John, too. They’re two peas in a pod in every single way, like face-wise, personality, well, she’s more of me personality. They are so alike it’s crazy.”

As most little girls can be, little Luna has already shown interest in her mother's beauty routine. “[She’s] obsessed with sitting on my countertop in the bathroom. She’ll go, ‘Up, up, up,’ I put her up there and she loves brushes, using them on her face," she added. 

Chrissy's Endless Summer Glow Collection will have a highlighter, bronzer, lip gloss body oil and more. Check out some of the offerings here