Ellen DeGeneres loves giving all of her guests a memorable time on her talk show. Whether it involves them leaving with a memorable token of her appreciation, or scaring the hell out of them as she so perfectly executed during Diddy's recent attendance on her show. For yet another year, Ellen has sent one of her producers to a Halloween haunted house with a celebrity guest and this year around it's with Chrissy Teigen and her mother, Vilailuck.

In the video below you can see the trio walk through The Horrors of Blumhouse maze, featuring renditions from movies Truth or Dare and Unfriended.

"The agreement every year, because of how much I dislike this feeling, was that I would only do one," EP Andy Lassner said. "But what you do is that you guilt me into saying your mother wants to do one."

"How can you say no to my mom?" Chrissy eplied. "She loves this stuff!"

Chrissy's mom basically just laughs her way through the house, while Chrissy and Andy seem to be the most scared. Check it out below.