This week started off with a bang when all eyes turned to Chrissy Teigen and Donald Trump's Twitter feud. After Trump - who notoriously watches tons of TV - saw that his effort to enact criminal justice reform was overlooked on "NBC Nightly News" when discussing the topic, his Twitter fingers got to moving. In his rant, he hurled insults at John Legend, who was featured on the program, and his wife, Teigen. He called Legend a "boring musician" and Teigen, "his filthy mouthed wife". 

Teigen had enough wit to know not to take the President's vitriol too seriously. Instead, she opted for a humorous reply, writing, "lol what a pussy ass bitch. tagged everyone but me. an honor, mister president." While referring to him as "a pussy ass bitch" implicitly shows that she was comfortable taking on his "filthy mouthed" accusation, Teigen confirmed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today that she agrees with Trump's attacks on both her and her husband. “He just went in. He called John a boring musician and his filthy-mouthed wife, which, those two things are true. John is boring. I do have a filthy mouth,” she said. 

Teigen explained that her heart stopped upon initially being sent a screenshot of Trump's tweet, as she feared all the ugliness that would emerge from Trump supporters. While she did claim her night was ruined by the pressure of producing the perfect response, she was then able to laugh about it. She had a good time reading all the creative ways people managed to spin her trending topic of #PussyAssBitchPresident. 

Chance the Rapper also appeared on Ellen today and gave a performance of "Eternal" with fire choreography.