It's been a long year for singer Chrisette Michele. The 34-year-old has spiralled down a dark hole of depression and anxiety that lead to her getting dropped by her recording label all since she performed at Donald Trump's inauguration ball in January. 

Chrisette has been very public about her personal life with a series of posts on her Instagram, that has since been deleted, where she detailed her struggles of the backlash she has received. In one of her more recent posts, Chrisette posted a graphic image of blood clots, saying that she suffered a miscarriage. People were quick to comment on the post, saying the photo was not hers. 

During a visit to The Breakfast Club, the "Blame It On Me Singer" admits that photo was, in fact, not of her personal experience dealing with a miscarriage, but of another woman who posted it online. She says in her interview that she used the image to show people what she "was experiencing."

"I think myself identifying with somebody elses photo - I wanted people to know the severity of what I experienced, so I put something up to show it. I didn't want it to fall on deaf ears," she explains. She later adds how at first she did not know whose fetus the image belonged to, but she later found out after. 

Getting to the topic of Donald's inauguration, where admits that her post-performance brought on suicidal thoughts, Chrisette says she regrets "everything that happened."

After explaining how she simply wanted to deliver a message of hope during a tough time through her gospel records, she admits she was wrong, adding that she knew he was not the right choice for president. 

Charlamagne Tha God then suggests she turn to the camera and just apologize to everyone, suggesting that's what everyone wants.

"I made a bad decision, I did something that hurt a lot of people, it was offensive. Although it wasn't my intention it happened and for that I'm deeply sorry," she says. Watch the full interview below.