The drama between Blueface, Wack 100, and Chrisean Rock has received new life. We haven't heard much from these three in recent days—outside of Blueface announcing he's expecting his second child with his girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis—but after Wack jumped in The Daily Read with Jason Lee Clubhouse chatroom, he reignited the feud.

According to Wack, Chrisean broke into his home during the Thanksgiving holiday season. He claimed he sent his security home so they could spend time with their families, but at 5:00 a.m., Chrisean allegedly tried creeping in through a window. Wack added that had his security officers been on site, she would have gotten shot.

Chrisean learned of his remarks and clapped back on her Instagram Story.

"Actually you lucky you alive why u still mad i aint going no where," she penned. "Keep telling the media dum sh*t just to make me look like y'all ain't what it really is." She added, "Can't break in no where if that's ya own house it was my ******. u wan be blue so bad u made this situation about u once again."

"I'm the type to open another door and forget about the door tht tried destroying me," she wrote. Previously, she threatened to expose what was going on behind the scenes if Blueface and Wack continued to mention her. Check it out below.