Chris Webby Calls Out The Mumble Rappers In New Video “Raw Thoughts”

Kevin Goddard
November 02, 2017 00:02

Check out Chris Webby's new song & video for "Raw Thoughts."

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Chris Webby. In fact, with exception to his latest videos for “Weirdo” & “Night Crawler,” the last time the veteran Connecticut emcee impacted our site with new music was back in May with the song “The Stickup,” but thankfully that drought ends here today. Over the past couple weeks, Webby has been promoting a new song on social media called #RawThoughts, which he revealed would be dropping on November 1st, and alas here it is in visual form.

Bringing the lyrics to life, Chris gets a few things off his chest, and speaks his mind with the no filter like he often does. Addressing everything from mumble rappers to politicians (republicans and democrats alike), Chris shows off his slick wordplay & quirky delivery & flow over production from C-Lance & Nox.

As for the video that was released along with it, Chris is definitely trying to ruffle some feathers with it. While calling out mumble rappers & other artists in the game, Chris decided to visually portray the likes of Lil Yachty, Kodak Black, Slim Jesus & Lil Pump all in the background in the video, presumably referring to them as the “mumble” rappers he’s addressing. Whereas Kid Rock & Donald Trump out right get called out by the Connecticut rapper in the song.

The song surfaces on the final day of his “Weirdo” tour, which wrapped up in Fargo, North Dakota on Wednesday.

Check out the official video (above) and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Lay the smack down on all these wack clowns in the circus
They used to be referred to as the fuckin’ rap circuit
I rap circles around these cats without scratching the surface
And make these mumble rappers step back and start acting nervous

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