Chris Stokes, B2K's former manager, has found himself defending himself once again after allegations of abusing the group resurfaced. Stokes took to Twitter to set the story straight once and for all. "Negativity I will never play into. I never hurt any of B2K & Always had their best interest at heart including financially. I forgive any negative energy or tweets! God forgives and so do I. They back! Now stay positive in 2019 & Go get your tix! Enjoy them being back! Much love," he wrote. 

He continued to deny the accusations in subsequent tweets, further explaining that he never caused the group any harm and only tried to elevate their careers. "No reason I love them all and want the best for them. But don’t buy into lies and story’s that aren’t true. Take care, enjoy the show," he said in reference to B2K's reunion tour.

The accusations resurfaced this week in the lead up to Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly docuseries which premiered last night. The series detailed some of the terrifying allegations against R. Kelly as well as his marriage to an underaged Aaliyah

Allegations against Stokes stem as far back at the top of the decade when B2K member Raz-B came forward with accusations claiming Marques Houston and the former manager molested him. Houston has denied that allegations and he hasn't been subject to the Internet's criticism as much as Stokes, but regardless, the accusations are still serious.

Marsaili McGrath/Getty Images